At Dunure Publishing we are lovers of history and old books, and like to read these lovely old history books as eBooks and want to make them available to all. We thus do a high quality conversion from printed book into eBook doing manual page by page editing as we go. It is not a photocopy. It is not a automatic scan and print with many errors.

Beware of other services which use an automatic conversion which will do a very poor job in particular with old books: first because the old book will have blemishes, and secondly because of old or local spellings that will confuse the automatic OCR process. Other common faults are that the table of contents is missing, page headers and footers appear in the text, and quotation marks, fractions and other punctuation confuse the conversion software.

Note: We do not correct any ‘mistakes’ that were present in the original book. If the author made a typo we do not correct it.

Please let us know of any mistakes that have been added by the conversion process.