Places of Interest about Girvan

This eBook contains the Rev. R. Lawson’s book of 1892 entitled Places of Interest about Girvan, with Some Glimpses of Carrick History. This is one of many books written by the Rev. about his local area of the Carrick district in south-west Scotland. Girvan was his home town and he writes here on many subjects of interest, from the street names of Girvan, the castles and families of the surrounding countryside, and on Covenanting.

It is a very good read and will be of interest to many including those living in that area, those with family connections there, to those with an interest in Covenanters, and also to those with a general interest in local history. See excerpts at Chapter: Straiton and Chapter: Our Martyrs’ Tombstones.

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Table of Contents
Prefatory Note
Sketch Map of South Ayrshire
In Girvan
Girvan Town Council Minute Book
Girvan Street Names
Some Girvan Notabilia
Rev. William Corson
The Rev. P. Hately Waddell, LL.D.
Rev. Cathcart Kay
A Class of School Fellows
William Sherriff
Around Girvan
Penkill Castle
William Bell Scott
Killochan Castle
Old Dailly Churchyard
Trochrague House
Bargany House
Hew Ainslie
Kilkerran House
Ardmillan House
Girvan To Lendal
Lendal To Ballantrae
The Martyrs of Colmonell
The Stinchar Valley
In Carrick
The Castles of Carrick
Our Old Carrick Ministers
Carrick’s Share at Bothwell Bridge
Our Martyrs’ Tombstones
Peden in Carrick
Two Letters of Peden hitherto unpublished
Some Carrick Epitaphs
Carrick Heraldic Mottoes
Smuggling in Carrick
Some Carrick Originals
Some Carrick Place-Names
King Robert the Bruce
Book Information