Dailly: A South Ayrshire Parish

Cover is red material with title in gold writing This eBook contains the Rev. George Turnbull’s book of 1908 entitled “A South Ayrshire Parish”. The parish in question being that of Dailly in south west Scotland where he was minister from 1869 to 1908. The book was edited by the Rev. John Torrance and in his introduction he writes:

From 1880 [the Rev. George Turnbull wrote] articles on the history and antiquities of the Parish to a supplement which he published monthly. These were written in a popular style for his parishioners, by whom they were much appreciated.

The Rev. Turnbull writes here on many subjects of interest, on the prehistoric and early Christian history of the parish, its place names, its connections with Robert the Bruce, on Ailsa Craig, on Bargany and the Kennedys, on the Boyds, and the Fergussons of Kilkerran, and also on the Coal mines of the area and finally of the local Convenanters.

We agree with Rev Torrance that it is a very good read and will be of interest to many including those living in that area, those with family connections there, to those with an interest in coal mining, and also to those with a general interest in local history.

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Table of Contents
Editor’s Preface
Chapter I. Prehistoric Days
Hadyard (or Hadyet) Hill.
A Pictish Turf Village?
Mote Knowe, Kilkerran.
Chapter II. In the Days of the Early Saints
St. Queranus Or Kieran.
St. Machar (macarius.)
Chapter III. King Robert the Bruce
The Ancient Bounds Of The Parish.
King Robert the Bruce.
Lands Granted by Bruce.
The Blue Stones of Old Dailly.
Chapter IV. Three Hundred Years Ago
The Origin Of Bargany.
Black Bessie Kennedy.
The Murder of Drummochreen.
The Battle of Ailsa Craig.
Chapter V. The Covenanters of Dailly
John Stevenson of Camregan.
John Semple of Uddingston.
George Martin.
John Lord Bargany.
The Laird of Drummochreen.
Quintin Kennedy of Drummellan.
The Sauchhill Conventicle.
The Lane’s Conventicle.
The Killochan Conventicle.
Craigdow Conventicle
Chapter VI. The Parish Church
Old Dailly Church.
The Present Parish Church.
Chapter VII. Glimpses Of The Past From Kirk-session Minutes
The Kirk-session Minutes.
Church Censures.
The Communion and “Holy Fairs.”
The Kirk-session and Poor Relief.
The Carrick Class.
Chapter VIII. Lairds and their Lands
The Boyds of Penkill.
Mark Alexander Boyd.
Robert Boyd of Trochrig,
Zachary Boyd,
Dalquharran Old Castle.
Kilkerran Old Castle.
Why Does Ailsa Craig Belong to the Parish of Dailly?
Chapter IX. The Valley of Girvan Coal Field
Early Charters.
Drummochreen Coal Field.
The Dalquharran Pits.
Inclines, or Ingaun-ees (Ingoing Eyes).
The Gin.
The Burning Pit.
Dalzellowlie Pit Fire.
Chapter X. Notable Men
Hew Ainslie.
Hamilton Paul.
Thomas Thomson — A Friend Of Sir Walter Scott.
John Thomson Of Duddingston.
Appendix I. Dailly Place-names
Appendix II. List Of Ministers of Dailly Parish since 1574